What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) & how can it help your business?

Almost every business now understands that they need some kind of online presence to reach new customers. However, once a new website is in place, many will probably ask themselves why they are not receiving the enquiries or sales they expected. The thing is, having a great website and a good level of traffic is just the beginning. Next, it’s important to consider Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). But what exactly is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation, or CRO, is all about understanding what makes the visitors to your website actually turn into paying customers, potential leads, or engaged followers of your brand.

How can CRO help your business?

You may currently be focussed on building up the traffic to your website through successful online marketing via search engines or social media campaigns. However, you may not have thought about how these visits will result in, ultimately, making you money. CRO aims to increase the number of your website visitors that actually turn into customers. This starts with reviewing the messages that your web pages send out to your visitors from the moment they land on any given page of your site. As well as maximising the impact of the obvious text and imagery content, CRO also includes fine-tuning the placement of buttons and the colours used as well as the whole user experience (UX) and journey.

Successful conversion rate optimisation involves the implementation of best practice principles for user engagement alongside the analysis of actual behaviour of real visitors to your website.

Are you communicating an accurate and appealing value proposition to your visitors so that they want to get in touch or buy your product? If a visitor doesn’t feel convinced by your offering, then the likelihood is, they won’t take any further action. It’s important to think carefully about what you are providing to your customers, and why it will benefit them more than what your competition are offering. You can then begin to test the best ways of communicating your value to them clearly through the design and UX of your pages.

What is CRO testing?

The word ‘test’ in the world of CRO can include A/B and multivariate testing which are methods of delivering different versions of the same page to visitors to compare which has the best rate of conversion. For instance, you might need to review your enquiry or sign up form fields; Are you asking for too much information, or are the field labels confusing? Test test test and don’t lose those precious conversions!

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Aim to gain the attention and interest of your visitors so that they build a desire to want to buy into your product or service.

So your product is awesome and you have a killer value proposition – great! But you’re not achieving any conversions? Take a look at your analytics and review visitor tracking to ensure you are communicating effectively throughout the user journey. Without reviewing the actual behaviour of your website visitors, you might never know exactly what information or assurances they are searching for, what they are trying to click and where they are losing interest – three very important considerations when aiming to improve conversion rates.

What next?

Do you want to implement CRO to help your business grow? To get a professional CRO & UX analysis of your website give us a shout.

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    1. This really is a growing area of digital marketing. Many businesses are starting to see the value of investing in CRO to make their website perform better. Thanks for clear overview!

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